Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival (Part 253) You Are Living In A Different World Than You Inhabited Just A Few Weeks Ago – 15January2013

Aisha North 
The days have already started to gradually lengthen in one part of your world, and this year, the light will seem to be even more prominent than usual. Not only the light coming from the outside, but also the one shining forth from within. You will feel it in yourselves, but most importantly, you will also be better able to discern it in others. And with it, a gradual but perceptible knowledge will arise that from now on, you are truly one.

In other words, the feeling of separation will start to dissipate, and the certainty that you are but one of an ever expanding group of people will start to take hold of your mind. And, as you all know so well, your mind has been the most stubborn detractor in all of this, because your mind is the part of you that has tried so desperately to hold on to the old and eschew the new.

But now, your mind will also have to accept the fact that now, you are all living in a very different world from the one you all inhabited just a few weeks ago. It will not be easy at all times, because the mind is nothing if not tenacious, so do not be surprised if it tries a few tricks now and then in order to try to reset itself back to what it for such a long time has regarded as “normal.” But it is a lost battle, and the mind knows this too. But still, it might have a few tricks up its sleeve.  After all, it would not be doing its job if it did not at least superficially try to continue the work it has done for such a long time. After all, it was to be the protector of status quo, and as such, you cannot but give it credit for a job well done.

For it has done its utmost to try to keep you all cemented in the old ways, as that was its main priority. But just like your spirit, the mind will take to the wings and relish the freedom from the old yokes, just like you all have felt once you started to be able to inhale the fresh air of the new. And with it, you will gain an impressive ally indeed, as now, the mind’s priority will start to change drastically.

For now, it will no longer concentrate all of its abilities to hindering you from actually immersing yourself in this large spectrum of diverse experiences. It will actually be instrumental in helping you to access them. In other words, what was once a hindrance will become one of your biggest assets. For your mind is indeed a vital part of your total setup, and as soon as it starts to act according to the new and shall we say improved codes of conduct, it will help you immensely in accruing new information. For it will start to work ceaselessly on your behalf as a citizen of the light, and it will do all it can to help your progress.

So again, give yourself kudos for all that you have done so far, and give your mind its well deserved “thank you” as well. For it has been a formidable adversary, but it has not been that in order to harm you in any way. It has done exactly what it was meant to do, namely force you to start to think for yourself, and not take anything around you at face value any more. And it has succeeded well indeed. After all, without the frustrations caused by the constant nagging and pushing from your mind, your resolve to change your circumstances would perhaps not be as strong as it is today? So again you see that things are never as they seem, so too with the mind. We will leave it at that, and give you some time to digest this, and mayhaps let you look upon your mind with new eyes.


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