The Oracle Report – 15January2013

Oracle Report | Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

The energy continues to be extremely complex. Our emotional, mental, and physical bodies are heightened to a sharp degree. This is causing us to examine where we want to draw the line, take a stand, or decide how much of our energy (time, resources, love) we can devote.

We are examining where we have had enough. We are asking ourselves what we want to protect and what we want to preserve.

The exact conjunction of Venus and Pluto happens approximately one time each year for about a week all told. The conjunction affects relationships, obsessions, money, structures, systems, among other things. The exact conjunction occurs tomorrow night around 9:30 pm EDT/2:30 am UTC. So the energy will build until that time and then begin to taper off progressively.

Remember also that Venus and Pluto are making a square to Uranus, which adds a fast, unexpected element to the mix. Since Uranus is in Aries, anger comes into play and this is happening toward the extreme end with some people really losing it. As discussed over the past couple of days, relationships change/transform under these influences. The main outcome will be a situation that is much cleaner and works better.

The sunspot we’ve been watching is squarely facing Earth and poised for M-class solar flares. This is also adding a layer of intensity. The sunspot is so big that is visible on the Sun to the naked eye in misty daylight. That’s a lot of energy! So stay grounded with the planet and prepare for an upgrade today.

Pace yourself. Keep emotional equilibrium. Practice the stance of the wise old owl in the tree peering out if needed.


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