Veronica – Others Will Be Able To Feel It As Well – 15January2013

April Crawford | Inner Whispers

Decide to make your life an adventure instead of accepting the monotony of a pattern that no longer resonates.

How does one do that?

Decide to be special at first in your own thoughts. If you allow that energy to run through you with gusto, others will be able to feel it as well. Some may embrace it, while others may choose to ignore it. The force by which you live energetically, can change the course of a life.

In a cluster of difficulty, seek the small crevice of lightness. Work on increasing the brightness so that it may outshine the alleged darkness.

Others may not understand the determination to seek the positive and may be left behind. Accept it as a part of your evolution. Not always easy due to created patterns, we understand.

It is important to acknowledge your ability to create with the life force. Look at obstacles as opportunity. See change as a growing event filled with hope. Realize if something is falling apart, it obviously needed remodeling. So ride the wave, knowing the new destination may be better.

So decide today to let your soul support you. Make life vivid with adventure instead of fear.

The acknowledgement of your specialness is the way to go.

As you grow, your reality will shift. Accept it with a fearless constitution.

All will be well.

Believe it.


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