Freedom from Suppression By Master Kuthumi – 21January2013
Channeled by Natalie Glasson
It is with immense love that I step forward to support and enhance your spiritual practices and
experience upon the physical Earth. Intense and expansive love is being expressed to you by many
from the inner planes in great compassion for the pathway that you are now proceeding along on the
I envisage each of you standing in the countryside with an expansive piece of land before you. In the
previous year and beyond you have nourished the soil of the land and have planted the seeds to
create a luscious green meadow that will grow tall and strong. As you gaze upon the land you are
aware of tiny green aspects of life rising from the soil, your meadow is beginning to grow and now
you have the time to observe the growth of your meadow and to tend to its need. Sometimes you
may find that areas of the meadow become contaminated so new seeds need to be planted. Other
times you may discover the wealth of abundance that blossoms in order to bring delicious fruits to
your reality and body. The meadow can become the most beautiful garden of grow, beauty and
experience or it can become a strenuous burden of care for you as you strive to create something
fruitful to nurture your being. It is my understanding that in this new phase of ascension there is no
longer a need for any aspect of your reality to be a burden or a struggle. You have tended to the soil
well and planted the seeds with love, this symbolises the spiritual practices and understandings that
you have gained not only in this life time but previous lifetimes. Now is the time to ensure that the
work and loving care that you took in the past manifests into beauty, fruitfulness and nourishment. If
you were to sit back with the attitude that the work has been achieved and so you simply need to
reap the rewards then you may find that your harvest or meadow becomes bleak and barren. If
something is growing from seed, activating the life force energy and manifesting in whatever form, it
will require your attention, love and care when it is divinely needed and guided. Too much attention
can cause your meadow to be unyielding and rigid, as you put too many restraints and limitations
upon the growth of your meadow. If you continue to nurture and nourish your meadow with love,
intentions, a vision that is flexible and a connection with the meadow and that which is grown from
and with life force energy, then you have the ability to create and nurture land that will continually be
fruitful for you.
It is with your loving care for yourself, your creations, your reality and inner being that you will allow
yourself to experience all that you desire. Now is the time to lovingly care for yourself, to be gentle
with yourself and your energies because you may not realise but you have just completed a major
cycle of transformation. A cycle which had multiple meanings and purposes for you and all of
humanity. A cycle which allowed you to work through phases of karma, illusion and suppression on
many levels of your being.  Allow yourself to take time to realise or to even hold the space for
contemplation of what you and humanity have just achieved. You have moved through a powerful and
challenging cycle which demanded much for your strength and focus in order to allow yourself to shift
and align with the Creator once more. As a warrior is weary when returning home from battle so you
may be weary as you finish a cycle that you had long awaited to complete. It is almost as if the entire
universe of the Creator is now taking a large breath and sighing deeply. The sigh is allowing for
recalibration and a new way of existing to manifest from within your being which may take time to
evolve, becoming a divine habit within your being. You may be tired, let yourself rest, you may need
nourishment, seek what you require and take care of your energies and being as a preparation for
further awakening. We, your guides and your soul do not ask too much of you at this time, we ask
that you simply be aware of the needs of all aspects of your being and be willing to tend to yourself
with love and compassion. It is through your tender love and compassion for yourself that you will
allow a beautiful phase of your ascension to unfold.
The cycle that you have moved through held strong aspects and energies of suppression, illusion
and karma, it is my belief that you will continue to explore these three qualities but on a different
energetic level which allows for you to easily create love from each. You may feel as if you are being
supressed in your physical life but your spiritual being and wisdom is also being supressed by you
until you realise you are ready to accept your full and complete truth. There is only one thing that
allows for complete connection and the experience of the truth of the Creator and that is the
realisation that you have been supressing your spiritual abilities and skills which has been a habit for
many life times. With this realisation comes a deeper and purer realisation which is that you are
ready to accept all that you are. Allow yourself to contemplate my words for a moment, contemplate
or feel within your being whether you believe that you are ready to accept all that you are.
Then remember my words at the beginning of my communication describing you standing before a
meadow which is growing and evolving due to your past actions and attention. You have already
created a platform where you believe that you have something to nurture and nourish within your
being and to share with others; this platform is a belief, which can also be interpreted as a
realisation if it is accompanied by a deep knowingness. Realisations however small or large allow
for you to release aspects of yourself that you supress in order for freedom and the experience of
inner freedom to take place. Upon this Earth you are discovering your freedom; you are a limitless
being of light and so your freedom is beyond limitations and boundaries, yet you can sometimes be
fearful of exploring a small amount of your freedom. Are you aware of how you supress yourself
especially spiritually? Are you aware of how your suppression of your abilities, knowledge and inner
power creates an entire reality of suppression, control and lack in your reality and the reality of
many? When you allow yourself to exist on the Earth as a being of light with freedom in your
realisations and expression of all that you are then you will notice that everything within your reality
and the world begins to shift in order to align with you, the vibration that you are emanating. Another
realisation is that the Earth is constantly aligning to you and all other aspects of the Creator on the
Earth. You create from within your being, the Earth aligns to this creation in order to manifest in
accordance to the amount of freedom that you offer and allow yourself spiritually. Now is the time to
offer to yourself freedom, to realise that it is only you who is supressing your spiritual abilities and
therefore creating suppression and limitations in your reality.
When I state that there is now a need to take loving care of yourself, I mean that it is time to be, to
observe and to nurture what has already been discovered, practiced and awoken within your being.
This requires more sensitivity, discernment, precision and discipline than in the past. Imagine now
that you are no longer looking at your meadow but you are the soil from which the seeds grow.
Imagine if you were conscious of the growth and journey of each seed into a plant, you would be
aware of each creation and the process of each creation simultaneously. The purpose of each
creation would also become extremely important as you begin to realise that small creations hold
the essential purpose of uniting or intertwining into a larger picture, purpose and creation. To take
care of yourself is to be aware of your creations, intentions, the wisdom and energies evolving from
within your being. To take care of yourself is to realise that it is now time to release the suppression
in order to experience spiritual and therefore physical freedom.
It is my wish to share with you an invocation as a tool of releasing the suppression upon your
spiritually. This suppression was not instigated by your guides for your protection but has been
chosen solely by you, which can be a difficult burden to carry but also signifies that it can be easily
transformed because you are co-creating with the Creator and has the power to bring freedom to
your entire being.
‘Beloved Master Kuthumi, My Beloved Guides,  My Beloved Soul and Beloved Creator, I ask that
you observe and oversee my current process of awakening, supporting and encouraging my healing
at all times.
I now ask for the healing energies of the Creator to surround me in order to heal and bring peace to
all aspects of my being and consciousness that are choosing to experience suppression of my
spiritual being, soul and truth. As I also open my being to express deep healing from the depths of
my being to my existence on the Earth now, I allow for the tool of conscious choice to be present
within my being allowing me to realise that I have the ability and the choice as to what I wish to
experience on the Earth. I now choose, with divine and sacred guidance present, to heal and
release the suppression that I have chosen and created within my physical reality which separates
and limits me from connecting with and experiencing all that I am.
I now choose to create freedom in my reality so that I may expand my energies and experience the
truth of the Creator. I now choose to create freedom in my experience and connection with all that I
am. No longer do I need to suppress myself spiritually, energetically and also in terms of my inner
power and wisdom.
It is freedom that I now choose to create and allow within my being knowing that this will translate as
a beautiful loving experience of freedom for myself and all on the Earth.
I now cut the cords to my conscious  and unconscious suppression of my spiritual truth, power,
wisdom and energy, I am the limitless aspect of the Creator, I am all that I am in this moment which
is a moment of truth.
With truth and love, thank you.’
A wonderful awakening is occurring within each being at this time, do not fight the awakening nor
resist it but allow yourself freedom to explore.
With love,
Master Kuthumi

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