The Presence of Higher Beings

Stuart Wilde
New Age folk talk of spirit guides. Their belief comes from the fact they believe they are guided from other worlds. Sometimes they believe there is a kindly relative in the sprit world helping, akin to the Native American belief in a dead grandfather or grandmother as a spirit guide.

In my view the celestial guidance people think is there is very real, they are not inventing it. We see those celestial beings all the time. Strangely they seem to rotate in shifts, the same ones are not always there all of the time.

Then sometimes the ghouls pose as celestial helpers so one does have to be a bit cautious. There is an English shaman I know who is very corrupt and predatory, he believes the UFOs are guiding him and I am sure they are. But we know from fights in the Aluna Mirror-Worlds that the UFOs and the Grays are part of the Empire of the Snake.

But if a guiding system is holy and good and if it does not wind you up with specialness or elitism or ideas of control, money and power, then you will know to trust the kindly guides that are there. The quality of the guides and protection you get is very much down to how pure your soul is. When you go ugly they retreat.

In the Aluna we often see Golden Radiant Beings sometimes sixty feet high and there are beings with wings and Light-Beings that don’t really have human form at all and yet they all express great love and protection for us.

It is very moving. I pray for their evolution and protection five and ten times a day, as without their help I would never have made it. The battlefields are dangerous, we need the armor they manufacture for us. It is a blessed gift.

Ask for help I’m am sure you will get it but try to be pure, that is the best approach.

© Stuart Wilde 2013 –


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