11th November 2013: Mercury Direct Once More | November 12, 2013

A message from Sarah Varcas
Mercury as Friend or Foe

Yesterday Mercury stationed direct, bringing an end to its retrograde passage through Scorpio which began on 21st October. Hopefully we have used this time to clear the air, correct misunderstandings and bring into the light of day those things kept secret for fear of their impact upon our daily lives. If not, and we know we should have, we still have some time to set the record straight as Mercury now journeys back towards the degree in which it turned retrograde, arriving on 27th November GMT.

With the on-going emphasis on the sign of Scorpio (the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and the North Node are still there), we continue to encounter those aspects of ourselves which unsettle us. It’s unavoidable right now. Whatever we fear, whatever causes us shame, whatever we deny and cast to the darkest recesses of our psyche is calling for attention, and endeavouring to ignore it would be unwise at this point.

With Mercury now travelling forward again we have the opportunity to investigate and enquire as to what really goes on beneath our surface, especially in light of happenings in the past few weeks. If we have been thrown off course by unexpected revelations, or found ourselves pretending to feel or think one way when in fact we feel or think another; if we have been moved to hide some truths to maintain an image of ourselves we want others to see, we have an opportunity now to consider what’s really going on and what motivates us to make such decisions.

In the coming days both Neptune and Chiron also station direct after several months retrograde. In doing so they promise us their support to do this inner work, for whilst Neptune is notorious for its illusions and deceptions, in its own sign of Pisces it seeks always to bring us home to love at the end of the day and will take whatever path is necessary to get us there, whilst Chiron leads the way with its healing salve. Neptune knows no blame or condemnation, no separation or abandonment. It knows only oneness and recognises those things which keep us from knowing it too, the prime and most powerful one being fear.

Which is basically the message of Mercury as it begins its direct passage from whence it came: ‘Face the fear which tells you to hide the truth of who you are. Look into its face and question its lies. Know that on the other side of that fear exists a freedom of thought, feeling and expression unlike any you have known. And then take the leap of owning who you are and seeing how that feels’. Mercury in Scorpio has no qualms about speaking the truth and pointing to the lies.

It does so with impunity, refusing to be bound by social convention or expectation. As such it makes a great ally in our quest for the truth and a fearsome foe in our attempts at deception! It is entirely up to us which Mercury becomes in our own lives in the coming weeks: friend or foe, we can be sure that Mercury will do what it must to bring the shadows into light before it sets out on fresh terrain come the end of this month.

Enjoy the week ahead everyone.

Sarah Varcas

© Sarah Varcas 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to freely share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL www.astro-awakenings.co.uk is included.

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