Asking Questions, Seeking Answers

This is the Archangel Uriel channeled message for February 17, 2014

In your lifetimes you follow the path of the seeker, asking questions whose answers you hope will give you the peace, comfort and solace of what you remember from your spiritual home. But your life can feel like an endless quest as you ask questions that are not answered because you have to learn that you already have the answer to any question you  may ask. The answer is already there, waiting for you to ask the question. This represents  your search for empowerment and enlightenment. When you ask a question because you want to know that you will be answered, you are in fear and seeking connection and acknowledgement. The answer to every question is within you and can be answered, depending on why you are asking the question. All of your answers are within you, no matter what question you ask.

You question whether there is love in the world will not be answered by giving you love, because the world is looking for the gift of love that you bring to it. Every time you seek joy you are often disappointed because joy is waiting for you to create it; joy is not found as an answer to your question, it is the answer you create when you allow joy to be an energy within you and you expand that energy on earth. The path of the seeker ends when the seeker realizes one important truth, that the one who asks the question is also the one who holds the question’s answer.

The questions you ask are sometimes asked out of fear that there is no Source, no guidance to assist you on your path. You do not want answers, you want reconnection, divine grace, acknowledgement, and the truth beyond your doubt. These questions reflect your powerlessness, your lack of faith and your lack of belief that you are the answer to all of your questions. As a spark of divine light you cannot be in a place of not knowing, because you always know and yet, you seek reassurance because you see a world in disorder and want to know that someone has the answers. You can bring divine order to chaos when you know that the one who is aware of the chaos is the answer and has the solution.

Why do you ask the Universe for answers when you are the answer you are seeking? What you want out of every experience, the lessons you have to learn, the healing that is available to you, and the peace and understanding your soul seeks is already within each experience. You can go from one lesson to another seeking answers but each lesson has the answer for you, and only one answer is required. Every lesson is a complete experience when you pause long enough to allow yourself to hear the answer before you ask the question. And the answer is always within you.

The path of the seeker is one you choose from your belief that you are unworthy of experiencing humanity through the fullness of your Source connection. The ego knows life as a seeker and cannot imagine life when all questions are answered and there are no more questions to be asked. But this is your path of ascension and in higher vibrations there are no questions as life becomes a path of unfolding creation, where you are no longer a seeker and you move from one point of creation to another, as you become the answer to all questions through your re-connection. As co-creator with the Universe you create the answers to each question so you no longer have to ask and you can simply receive from your inspired intention that is not asked from a place of unfulfilled need but from the next point of deserving.

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