Oribel Divine – What I Learn from a Leaf

Oribel Divine

When I first came across Thich Nhat Hanh’s writings on “Learning from leaves” I just knew that I needed to create a video to it with others. As I read his communion with this little autumn leaf I began to see the similarites in the cycle of life in nature and humanity.

When we were smaller and younger we play the role of a child to our parents and as we grow older so do our parents, and that’s when we sometimes play the role of a mother to our parents who may need our nurturing and care in their old age. And what I admire most about the little leaf as it was dying was its celebration of life, it was ready and happy to be of service yet again even in death for the nourishment of the tree. This is what, I feel, being of service is about. And we as humans are also encouraged to ceelbrate life no matter where we are, because it is only a transition to a better and brighter future. And, that everything happens for a reason.

I remember not too long ago when I was communing with a hamster who had passed on. The body of the hanster was buried in the neighbourhood garden of his owner’s home. The following day the owner, a friend of mine, discovered that an empty hole had replaced the graveyard of her beloved hamster. A stray dog perhaps had dug up the body. She was saddened and wanted me to connect with her dead hamster to say “sorry for not digging deeper to bury him.” Upon connecting with the hamster, the hamster was delighted to share with me that he was happy that his body was food for a hungry animal. I was quiet for a moment and thanked him for reminding me that even in death we can be in service to others, and in unexpected ways. This message brought a healing immediately to my friend and it opened her heart to love and compassion even more.

When we passed on, a part of our energy remains with the loved ones we left behind. We become their guides. This is how the system works.

I hope you too receive something from watching this movie and the profound message from Thich Nhat Hanh. The system in nature is about cooperation. This is something that humanity is learning too. It is with the energy of cooperation that we can ‘put things together’ rather than tearing things apart which is the reason for the wars on this planet. I feel a strong change coming in 2013. The energies of compassion, cooperation and working together for a better life for everyone is the name of the game in the coming year.

Given in love,
Oribel Divine


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