Christina Lunden – Setting the Tone for an Easier Year

Christina Lunden

Welcome to the fresh new start of your soul experience! Would you like this year to be one that feels like you are walking in heaven? You are the one who sets the tone for how you will experience the rest of the year during the first three months. From January to March, watch your actions and choose wisely.

To feel like you are walking in heaven avoid judgment and conflict and forgive. It won’t be easy to do this during this particular three month period because of the energies that are currently working on Earth and in people’s lives. But this is what you have been preparing for and you can do this. We are all being guided to use our spiritual knowledge now. This can be called a testing period to see who really understands and can actually live what they have learned.

If we show that we are not doing this, we will have situations come back into our lives during the last nine months of this year so we will have fresh opportunities to learn them. Yuck! If you don’t want to go back into old, unpleasant lessons, do your very best to let go and forgive everything that comes up as soon as possible within the first three months.

Sometimes the conflicts cannot be helped however; we always have a choice in how we respond. Remember, it is very hard to fight if the other person is not fighting. If you are not instigating or reacting in a negative manner, then eventually the person will move on. The situations with the strangers will be easier to forgive because we have no expectations of them. The family, friends, co-workers, etc. can be just as easy if we also have no expectations of them.

One of the biggest disappointments a Lightworker goes through is expecting loved ones to behave differently because they themselves have changed spiritually. We like to believe that the good changes we have made will automatically be seen and known by others and appreciated. Some of us hope they will also want to change. Try to have no expectations of anyone acting any differently than they did in the past. This will be very helpful to you this year. If they do surprise you with positive changes, great!

The interesting thing about the energy of 2013 is that if we give a loving response to someone that is angry, their reaction can be even worse. The Angels have suggested for January through March for us to be neutral in our energy and non-emotional in our responses. We will see that this helps to deflate situations more than a positive response. We will eventually see that it is safe to go back to loving responses later in the year but with the energy that is here now; this is the highest way to deal with people and situations.

There is an immediate reaction to everything we do now. If we do the same as we have in the past and send light energy to hopefully deescalate the situation, instead of that happening, the dark energy will respond with just as much energy. In essence, we would be throwing fuel on the fire. The best thing the Angels have suggested to do in these situations is immediately request for an Angel to stand between you and the other person to allow each soul the opportunity to see and hear the other person from a higher level. “The opportunity” means that you are not controlling that person/soul and they can still choose not to see or hear you but you are giving them a different choice to make.

Someone is asking, “How do I request for an Angel to do this?” Take a calming breath, think about going into your heart and ask in your mind something like this, “I thank You that I now create an Angel to stand between me and _________. This Angel gives us both the opportunity to see and hear each other on the highest level possible. Amen.” It takes a few seconds and can have amazing results.

If you feel strong negative energy you can create an ice wall between you and the other person. Follow the same steps as above however instead of asking for something; visualize in your mind a huge ice cube that covers the size of your body and think of it as being in front of you. What will happen is that it will create a mirror on their side of the ice wall so everything that is being verbally thrown at you will bounce back at them. They won’t like this so they will most likely stop.

If you can go through this time period doing what is suggested, by March the Angels say you will have built a strong foundation of non-reaction, non-judgment and forgiveness that will bless you the rest of the year. That doesn’t mean things on the Earthplane will be easier the rest of the year, it means that you will have raised your energy up to be more invisible to those situations; plus the bonus of not having to go back re-learn old lessons.

Having become multi-dimensional beings, we are in contact with many people from many different soul levels. It can be tricky knowing what to do in each situation. Use your Angels! They are there to help you. Call them forth anytime. Each time you do, you are creating an energy from the highest aspects of your own soul, which raises your energy, understanding, wisdom and power immediately.

I don’t like tests but the incentive here of having no repeated lessons for the rest of the year is worth it for me. I am thinking of it as being more of an observer this year; continuing to shine the light through my life as the Angels have showed me. The light flows down from Heaven through my soul going through all my bodies / head, out through my feet and soul back into Heaven. And at the same time the light flows up from Heaven through my soul going through my bodies / feet, out through my head and soul back into Heaven. Shining the light in this manner doesn’t interfere with any soul’s choices (including Mother Earth’s) and yet each soul has access to all the light that is shining through us at any time; for it is not our individual light, it is Heaven’s light.



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